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There are several techniques available for the improvement of the deep nasolabial folds. The standard face-lift operation is the most acceptable and popular technique as it leaves no scars on the face. Occasionally, the aesthetic surgeon encounters patients who, because of economic or health reasons, cannot undergo the face-lift operation. They may also be(More)
The excess skin of the upper lid is not uncommonly secondary to the ptosis of the eyebrows. Blepharoplasty not only fails to correct this deformity but, in fact, may aggravate the sagging of the eyebrow, imparting a sad and elderly appearance to the face. A gracefully arching eyebrow at or slightly above the supraorbital rim renders the face more alert and(More)
Various techniques of brow elevation, including their advantages and limitations, are discussed. Since there are no lines immediately above the eyebrow, the direct brow-lift operation results in a scar that cannot be camouflaged with makeup by a man. The approach via temporofrontal scalp produces limited and temporary brow elevation, and the scars may(More)
A simple method can be used for correctingan excessively projecting nasal tip. The technique involves suturing the anterior part of the medial crura of the alar cartilages to the posterior part of thecaudal end of the septal cartilage through a transfixion incision using permanent suture material. This technique is not applicable in cases where the(More)
The concept of total facial rejuvenation requires attention to all areas of the face, including the upper third. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in this area of the aging face. Various clinical conditions may be seen as a single entity or in combination with others, and it is important for the facial aesthetic surgeon to diagnose and treat(More)
Toxoplasmosis is not a rare disease. Infestation occurs in 75% of the general world population and in 35% of the US population. Lymphadenopathy, primarily of the cervical type, is one of the most common signs of acquired toxoplasmosis. During the past 15 years a great number of reports have appeared in the medical literature regarding toxoplasmosis.(More)