F M Peeze Binkhorst

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Exercise-induced tissue swelling and its possible consequence for tissue pressure were studied in rat soleus muscle. Rats ran for 75 min on a belt with a 10 degree positive incline. Wet weights of cryofixed soleus muscles were increased at 3 (16%), 6 (28%), 9 (16%), and 24 (16%) h after running compared with those of nonexercised controls. The transient(More)
The influence of strength training on muscle fiber area, capillary ultrastructure, and capillary supply was studied in experienced male bodybuilders taking either anabolic steroids or a placebo. During 8 weeks, 13 subjects received a weekly injection of either placebo or nandrolone decanoate (starting dose 200 mg, followed by 100 mg weekly), in a(More)
The relationship between exercise-induced focal muscle fiber degeneration and changes in capillary morphology was investigated in male Wistar rats. Untrained animals ran on a treadmill for 1 h at submaximal intensity and were killed 0, 6, or 24 h after running. Nonexercised rats served as controls. In situ perfused soleus muscles were prepared for electron(More)
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