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Corpora lutea obtained from pregnant sows (Days 18-22) were superfused in vitro for 2-4 h with PGF-2alpha and for 3 h with LH or oestradiol or combinations of PGF-2alpha with LH or oestradiol. LH but not oestradiol stimulated progesterone secretion while superfusion for a minimum of 3 h with PGF-2alpha caused an irreversible decrease in progesterone(More)
Cloprostenol, 100 micrograms, given intramuscularly to the nanny, with 50 micrograms 10 hours later, precipitated parturition in goats after 36 +/- 1 hours (mean +/- SEM), when administered at 137 +/- 0.5 days gestation. All kids were born alive and survived to weaning. Milk yield over 40 weeks post partum was not significantly different from that after(More)
1. Arterial and mammary venous concentrations of prostaglandins F alpha (PGF alpha), E (PGE) and the PGF alpha metabolite, 13,14-dihydro-15-oxoPGF alpha (DHK-PGF alpha) were studied during late pregnancy and the onset of lactation in conscious goats. Mammary secretion concentrations of PGF alpha and DHK-PGF alpha were determined, and mammary blood flow,(More)
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