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A Geologic Time Scale (GTS2004) is presented that integrates currently available stratigraphic and geochronologic information. Key features of the new scale are outlined, how it was constructed, and how it can be improved Since Geologic Time Scale 1989 by Harland and his team, many developments have taken place: (1) Stratigraphic standardization through the(More)
• The first portion of this report (items 1-8) is a summary of the current goals and scientific activities of the Commission and its component Subcommissions. • The second portion (items 9-13) details the plans for 2003 and associated budget, and a multi-year overview of past achievements and future goals. • Added to this compilation is a list of ICS(More)
A quantitative biostratigraphic analysis of the Paleocene to lower Miocene of the Taranaki Basin has enabled high precision in correlation , zonation, and assessment of depositional history. Bio-stratigraphic range-end events, based on 493 taxa in cuttings samples from eight wells, representing foraminifera, nannofossils, dinoflagellates, and miospores,(More)
Arthur Holmes, the Father of the Geologic Time Scale once wrote (Holmes 1965, p. 148): " To place all the scattered pages of earth history in their proper chronological order is by no means an easy task ". Ordering these scattered and torn pages requires a detailed and accurate time scale. This will greatly facilitate our understanding of the physical,(More)
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