F. M. F. Rhen

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Magnetic nanotubes have a wide variety of potential applications in modern technologies in areas such as energy conversion, electronic devices and high density memory storage [1]. Recently using electroless deposition, we have established a method to prepare continuous nanotubes 20 μm in length with external diameter of 400 nm and uniform wall(More)
SmCo films with a Cr underlayer have been investigated as potentially attractive candidates for high density recording media. Magnetron sputtering was used here to produce Cr/SmCox /Cr films on Si ~100! substrates. The magnetic films were deposited at a substrate temperature of 350 °C and an Ar pressure of 5 mTorr. Cr underlayers were deposited both at 25(More)
The mechanical, ferroelectric, and ferromagnetic properties of materials with dimensions in the nanometer range differ significantly from their bulk properties. Unique magnetic properties can be tailored through compositional and morphological control of the deposited nanostructures. These unique properties significantly increase the potential of magnetic(More)
We have investigated the magnetic properties of Ni<sub>1-x</sub>B<sub>x</sub> nanotubes as a function of composition, temperature, and magnetic fields. The nanotubes were prepared by electroless deposition in polycarbonate membranes using dimethylamine borane as a reducing agent. The nanotube arrays are formed with a length of 20 &#x03BC;m, an outer(More)
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