F M El-Heneidy

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Fifteen children, 6-14 years old, who were heavily exposed to pigeon droppings, presented with cough, chills and breathlessnes on mild exertion. Twelve gave immediate positive skin test reactions to pigeon droppings. Ten of the fifteen also gave a late (Arthus) reaction, and seven gave a positive delayed reaction which was maximal at 24--72 hr. Nine(More)
Amniotic fluid total lipids (T.L.), lipid phosphorus (L.Ph.), phospholipids (Ph.L.), total cholesterol (T.Ch.), total proteins (T.P.) and inorganic phosphorus (I.Ph) were determined in a number of high risk pregnancies and compared to parallel data obtained for full term normal pregnancies. Amniotic fluid T.L., L.Ph., Ph.L. and T.Ch. were significantly(More)
Total lipids, total cholesterol, phospholipids and inorganic phosphorus were determined in the amniotic fluid of 36 normal and 12 premature neonates. Total lipids, phospholipids and cholesterol were significantly decreased in the premature patients and the extent of decrease was more pronounced in patients who developed respiratory distress syndrome. On the(More)
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