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Supremal controllable and normal sublanguages have been shown to play an important role in supervisor synthesis. In this paper, we discuss the computation of supremal controllable and normal sublanguages. We derive formulas for both supre-mal controllable sublanguages and supremal normal sublanguages when the languages involved are closed. As a result,(More)
Low power wireless sensor networks provide a new monitoring and control capability for civil and military applications in transportation, manufacturing, biomedical technology, environmental management, and safety and security systems. Low power integrated CMOS systems are being developed for microsensors, signal processors, microcontrollers, communication(More)
This study intends to propose a two-stage clustering algorithm which consists of adaptive resonance theory 2 (ART2) neural network and binary particle swarm K-means optimization (BPSKO) algorithm for grouping the orders together in order to reduce the SMT setup time. The BPSKO algorithm integrates both the particle swarm optimization algorithm and K-means(More)
Phylogenetic trees are important in biology since their applications range from determining protein function to understanding the evolution of species. Maximum Likelihood (ML) is a popular optimization criterion in phylogenetics. However, inference of phylogenies with ML is NP-hard. Recursive-Iterative-DCM3 (Rec-I-DCM3) is a divide-and-conquer framework(More)