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Geomorphic responses to changes in bedload transport in gravel-bed rivers are complex. Such responses occur over long time scales and vary as a function of distance from sediment sources and local channel characteristics. As a result, different types of cascading ecological and social consequences are observed in different parts of a drainage network. This(More)
Living plants have been used for a very long time throughout the world in structures against soil erosion, as traces have been found dating back to the first century BC. Widely practiced in Western Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, bioengineering was somewhat abandoned in the middle of the twentieth century, before seeing a resurgence(More)
Efforts to address erosion and land degradation in steeplands of many countries have largely relied on revegetation. The policy responses to this issue are many and varied as have been their successes. Revegetation efforts tend to occur when it is realised that deforestation, mountain land erosion, and flooding of rivers are linked. Using the Southern(More)
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