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Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) I and II are hypothalamic decapeptides with pivotal roles in the development of reproductive competence and regulation of reproductive events. In this study, transcriptional regulation of the human GnRH II gene was investigated. By scanning mutation analysis coupled with transient promoter assays, the motif at -641/-636(More)
Data exchange has been widely used in big data era. One challenge for data exchange is to identify the true cause of data errors during the schema translation. The huge amount of data and schemas make it nearly impossible to find “the” correct solution. Vagabond system is developed to address this problem and use best-effort methods to rank data exchange(More)
Alrstrmt This paper presents a switching control scheme for multivariable nonlinear systems. Based on a fuzzy plant model of the multivariable nonlinear system, a switching controller consisting of H number of simple subcontrollers i s proposed. The paramctern of thc switching controller can be obtained by solvitig some LMls. A switching algorithm is(More)
Supply chain management has enabled numerous firms to enjoy great advantages by integrating all activities associated with the flow of material, information and capital between suppliers of raw materials and the ultimate customers. The benefits of a property managed supply chain include reduced costs, faster product delivery, greater efficiency, and lower(More)
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