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Robust signal hashing defines a feature vector that characterizes the signal, independently of "nonsignificant" distortions of its content. When dealing with images, the considered distortions are typically due to compression or small geometrical manipulations. In other words, robustness means that images that are visually indistinguishable should produce(More)
This contribution reports the results of the SHREC 2013 track: Retrieval on Textured 3D Models, whose goal is to evaluate the performance of retrieval algorithms when models vary either by geometric shape or texture, or both. The collection to search in is made of 240 textured mesh models, divided into 10 classes. Each model has been used in turn as a query(More)
A video copy detection system is an emerging research area that has received a considerable amount of attention in recent years. The main goal of content based video copy detection system is to find whether a query video is copied from video in a video database or not. This paper uses strengths of TIRI-DCT algorithm, content based features for finger-print(More)
"Encryption is the primary solution to provide security to the data, which is travelling on a communication link between any pair of nodes, but Selective encryption is a technique to save computational power, overhead, speed, time and to provide quick security by only encrypting a selected portion of a bit stream. Securing the visual and multimedia(More)
In the past, we presented the design process of a visual tool aiming at enhancing the integration of an advanced AMAN (Arrival MANager) in an innovative working environment. This work was indeed the subject of a previous paper. In the context of ATC (Air Traffic Control) working position conception, several options of design have already been explored.(More)
Passive and semi-active aids ince 1985, a team of computer scien-surgeons has been involved in a project at Grenoble Hospital called computer assisted medical interventions (CAMI). The aim of the project is to help surgeons and physicians use multimodal data in a rational and quantitative way in order to plan and to perform medical interventions. Recent(More)
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