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OBJECTIVE To prospectively compare three methods of apnea testing for the confirmation of brain death. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, crossover study. SETTING Intensive care unit of a tertiary care university hospital. PATIENTS Twenty adult patients requiring apnea testing for confirmation of brain death. INTERVENTIONS Ten minute apnea testing was(More)
A 3-D Monte Carlo model is used to describe the ejection of N and N2 from Titan due to the interaction of Saturn’s magnetospheric N ions and pick-up C2H5 ions with its N2 atmosphere. Based on estimates of the ion flux into Titan’s corona, this atmospheric sputtering process is an important source of both atomic and molecular nitrogen for the neutral torus(More)
Iodine-131 and various other radionuclides were released into the atmosphere from the damaged Japanese reactors of Fukushima Dai-ichi from 12 to 22 March 2011. The contaminated air mass was detected in France after 24 March; samples of grass, vegetables, and milk have been analyzed for (131)I by the IRSN, considering the fact that few values of iodine-131(More)
We detected light emissions in the nightside martian atmosphere with the SPICAM (spectroscopy for the investigation of the characteristics of the atmosphere of Mars) ultraviolet (UV) spectrometer on board the Mars Express. The UV spectrum of this nightglow is composed of hydrogen Lyman alpha emission (121.6 nanometers) and the gamma and delta bands of(More)
[1] A three-dimensional Monte Carlo model of Mercury’s neutral sodium exosphere was used to describe correlation between the observed variations in the exospheric density and the variations in the surface concentration of sodium along Mercury’s motion around the Sun [Leblanc and Johnson, 2003]. Four processes of ejection were taken into account: thermal and(More)
Our understanding of Mercury’s sodium exosphere has improved considerably in the last 5 years thanks to new observations (Schleicher, H., Wiedemann, G., Wöhl, H., Berkefeld, T., Soltau, D. [2004]. Astron. Astrophys. 425, 1119–1124) and to the publication of a summary of the large set of ground based observations (Potter, A.E., Killen, R.M., Morgan, T.H.(More)
BACKGROUND Etomidate is frequently used to intubate traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims, even though it has been linked to adrenal insufficiency (AI) in some populations. Few studies have explored the risk of prolonged etomidate-induced AI among TBI victims. OBJECTIVE To determine the risk and the length of AI induced by etomidate in patients intubated(More)
Venus has thick clouds of H2SO4 aerosol particles extending from altitudes of 40 to 60 km. The 60-100 km region (the mesosphere) is a transition region between the 4 day retrograde superrotation at the top of the thick clouds and the solar-antisolar circulation in the thermosphere (above 100 km), which has upwelling over the subsolar point and transport to(More)
The evolution of Earth-like habitable planets is a complex process that depends on the geodynamical and geophysical environments. In particular, it is necessary that plate tectonics remain active over billions of years. These geophysically active environments are strongly coupled to a planet's host star parameters, such as mass, luminosity and activity,(More)