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OBJECTIVE During the follow-up of a group of patients with active tuberculosis, the predictive potential of several antibody-based assays was evaluated in monitoring treatment efficacy. DESIGN Eleven patients with bacteriologically documented pulmonary tuberculosis and two patients with tuberculosis pleurisy were studied over a period of 6 months, from(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Airway obstruction (AO) in sarcoidosis is reported to be associated with respiratory symptoms, increased morbidity, and an increased mortality risk. Because AO in sarcoidosis may result from several causes, the therapeutic benefit of corticosteroids is difficult to determine. The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic response of(More)
Endobronchial tumour obstruction threatens to occur in cases of carcinoma of the bronchus throughout the course of the disease. Such patients can benefit from relief of the bronchial obstruction by several techniques which are currently available. We have treated 149 patients with endobronchial radiotherapy. Seventy three patients were treated with a view(More)
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