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  • F. Lang
  • CCGrid 2005. IEEE International Symposium on…
  • 2005
Multiple-issue negotiations between autonomous software agents allow the alignment of resource consumers' demand profiles and the specific service capabilities of resource providers. To address the inefficiencies of negotiations on imperfect markets, the negotiation model suggested here includes both self-interested negotiations driven by a heuristic(More)
Dimethyl sulfomycinamate (1), a methanolysis product from the natural antibiotic sulfomycin I, is synthesized in 11 steps (Scheme 19). The chemistry of various pyridine, thiazole, and oxazole heterocycles and their coupling reactions under palladium catalysis are examined. The key transformations in the synthesis are the selective palladium-catalyzed(More)
A gene transfer system for Rhodopseudomonas viridis was established which uses conjugation with Escherichia coli S17-I as the donor and mobilizable plasmids as vectors. Initially, plasmids of the incompatibility group P1 (pRK290 and pRK404) were used. The more effective shuttle vectors between E. coli and R. viridis, pKV1 and pKVS1, were derived from(More)
An efficient synthesis of a structurally unique, novel M(3) antagonist 1 is described. Compound 1 is conveniently disconnected retrosynthetically at the amide bond to reveal the acid portion 2 and the amine fragment 3. The synthesis of key intermediate 2 is highlighted by a ZnCl(2)-MAEP complex 19 catalyzed diastereoselective Michael reaction of dioxolane 7(More)
Rhodopseudomonas viridis was grown in liquid culture at 30 degrees C anaerobically in light (generation time, 13 h) and under microaerophilic growth conditions in the dark (generation time, 24 h). The bacterium could be cloned at the same temperature anaerobically in light (1 week) and aerobically in the dark (3 to 4 weeks) if oxygen was limited to 0.1%.(More)
The application of turbidimetric homogeneous immunoassays made the determination of several plasma components widely available. The sensitivity and accuracy of these assays are appropriate enough for routine laboratory use; however, in the case of many pathologically high concentration samples, prozone effect (high dose hook effect) can be observed, that(More)
We have designed a cytometry-based competition assay to evaluate peptide binding to empty recombinant HLA class II molecules. The efficiency of this assay was evaluated using recombinant HLA-DP0401 molecules (HLA-DP) produced in insect cells and 13 peptides from human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT). We demonstrate that our method allowed accurate(More)
An efficient asymmetric synthesis of a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that has a dihydrobenzoxathiin core structure bearing two stereogenic centers is reported. The stereogenic centers were established by an unprecedented chiral sulfoxide-directed stereospecific reduction of an alpha,beta-unsaturated sulfoxide to the saturated sulfide in one(More)
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