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An instrument capable of recording the amplitude and phase of reflected light with a phase resolution of better than lambda/3000 and the lateral resolution of a confocal scanning microscope was built. The instrument is based on a commercial microscope body and uses the regular interference contrast optics. The modifications consisted of adding a coherent(More)
Molecular sieves, such as nanoporous AlPO4-5, can host a wide variety of laser active dyes. We embedded pyridine 2 molecules as a representative of a commercially available dye which fits into the channel pores of the host matrix. Many efficient dye molecules, such as rhodamines, do not fit into the pores. But modifying the structure of the dyes to appear(More)
We present a new class of micro lasers based on nanoporous molecular sieve host-guest systems. Organic dye guest molecules of 1-Ethyl-4-(4-(p-Dimethylaminophenyl)1,3-butadienyl)-pyridinium Perchlorat were inserted into the 0.73-nm-wide channel pores of a zeolite AlPO4-5 host. The zeolitic micro crystal compounds where hydrothermally synthesized according to(More)
We present a new approach for the calculation of resonator mirror shapes based on a simulated annealing optimization algorithm. Compared with the possibilities of conventional resonators with spherical mirrors, the method presented permits a large mode volume of the stationary field distribution of the oscillating lowestloss mode and an increase in its loss(More)
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