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A novel system for exposing purified human mononuclear leukocyte subsets or any cultured cell to inhalational anesthetic agents has been devised. Monocytes and lymphocytes are purified by counter-current centrifugal elutriation and put into culture vessels with and without appropriate functional activators. The culture vessels are placed into one of four(More)
This double-blind study assessed the effect of low dose droperidol (0.005 mg x kg-1) on the incidence of postoperative vomiting in 200 children in ASA classification I and II, ranging from one to 15 years of age. The results showed that the dose of droperidol used in this study was very effective in reducing vomiting in children 11 to 15 years of age. The(More)
Eighteen ventilator-dependent children were returned to their homes from Illinois. Each candidate was selected according to physician-designated guidelines for medical stability as well as predetermined social-environmental and reimbursement criteria. Each individualized occurrence was organized according to a comprehensive home care plan. Unanticipated(More)