F.L. Penaranda-Foix

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A novel technique to extract the influence of coupling networks on the resonant frequency of cavities in one-port measurements is presented. The determination of the unloaded resonant frequency is performed directly from measurements without either the need to obtain the electromagnetic fields in the resonator or to deembed the delay of transmission lines(More)
A modal analysis based on the coupled mode method is performed for the resolution of partially filled waveguides with a general bianisotropic medium. The calculation of the generalized telegraphist's equations can be made by using two different strategies: direct and indirect formulations. In this paper, the indirect formulation of the method is extended to(More)
A microwave sensor, intended for on-line measurements of paper moisture, is presented in this paper. The sensor main body is a resonant structure, with a paper sheet passing through it. From the measurement of the resonant frequency and/or the quality factor of the resonator, the value of the humidity content of the paper can be obtained, with great(More)
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