F L Loverso

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An adult with the diagnosis of cortical blindness, complaining of a complete visual loss of 2 years in duration, was found to have a small preserved visual field and remarkably preserved visual abilities. Although denying visual perception, he correctly named objects, colors, and famous faces, recognized facial emotions, and read various types of single(More)
By means of multiscale molecular simulations, we show that telechelic-star polymers are a simple, robust, and tunable system, which hierarchically self-assembles into soft-patchy particles and mechanically stabilizes selected, open crystalline structures. The self-aggregating patchy behavior can be fully controlled by the number of arms per star and by the(More)
This investigation demonstrated that the treatment protocol, "Cueing Verbs: A Treatment Strategy for Aphasic Adults" (hereafter referred to as CVT), was an effective rehabilitation technique. Specifically, this CVT was shown to be beneficial with marked/moderate to mild fluent aphasic adults. Additionally, the study addressed such issues as optimal(More)
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