F López-Redondo

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Microglia represent a population of brain macrophage precursor cells which are intrinsic to the CNS parenchyma. Transection of the facial nerve in the newborn rat causes death of the affected motor neurons which is accompanied by massive activation of local microglia. Many of these cells develop into macrophages as can be shown by immunocytochemistry for(More)
Glutamate transporters play an important role in the re-uptake of glutamate after its release from glutamatergic synapses. So far five of such transporters subtypes have been cloned from rodent and human brains. The densities of glutamate transporters are recognised to be developmentally regulated, but the role of glutamate transporters in the mechanisms(More)
1. The effect of cannabinoid receptor agonists was studied in guinea-pig myenteric neurones in vitro by use of conventional intracellular recording techniques. 2. Exposure of myenteric neurones of the S-cell type to the cannabinoid receptor agonists WIN 55,212-2 (100 nM) and CP 55,940 (100 nM) reversibly and significantly depressed the amplitude of fast(More)
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