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This study proposed to use wavelet transfer to acquire image hue and value as image features, and use Back-propagation Neural Network Fuzzy Clustering analysis to recognize type of textile texture. Firstly, the RGB color space of original color image is transferred to HSV color space; secondly, wavelet transfer is applied to obtain vertical, horizontal and(More)
Electrospun fiber sheets with various orientations (random, partially aligned, and aligned) and smooth and roughened casted membranes were prepared. Hydroxyapatite (HA) crystals were in situ formed on these material surfaces via immersion in 10× simulated body fluid solution. The size and morphology of the resulting fibers were examined using scanning(More)
Continuous flow technique was used to study the formation of organic acids and of carbon dioxide during anaerobic breakdown of glucose in soil. Carbon dioxide, formic, acetic, butyric and lactic acids were the main products of anaerobic decomposition of glucose. However, succinic acid, α-ketoglutaric acid and fumarie or glutarie acids could be detected also(More)
An optimal condition applied to the Taguchi method with an L(9) orthogonal array for preparing a visible-light driven nitrogen-modified TiO(2) (N-TiO(2)) photocatalyst by a simple hydrolysis method has been examined for material characteristics and a photodecolorization test of methyl blue (MB) under various visible light source (fluorescent and blue LED(More)
Samples of chernozem soil were enriched with vanillic acid, protocatechuic acid glucose, a mixture of glucose and (NH4)2SO4 (C∶N = 5∶1), ethanol and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D). After a 6-d (with 2,4-D 35-d) incubation during which primary oxidation of the introduced substrates occurred, the soil was supplied with a solution of 2-14C-2,4-D(More)
A technique for synthesizing biocompatible hydrogels by cross-linking calcium-form poly(γ-glutamic acid), alginate sodium, and Pluronic F-127 was created, in which alginate can be cross-linked by Ca(2+) from Ca-γ-PGA directly and γ-PGA molecules introduced into the alginate matrix to provide pH sensitivity and hemostasis. Mechanical properties, swelling(More)
This paper proposes an approach to texture analysis that could be applied to identify the fabric nature and type of the main weaving texture. Firstly, the RGB color space of orginal color image is transferred to HSV color space; secondly, wavelet transfer is used to acquire horizontal, vertical and diagonal images of hue and value; and calculate their(More)
This study proposed to use wavelet transfer to acquire image features, and use back-propagation neural network to classify type of textile texture. Firstly, wavelet transfer is applied to obtain vertical, horizontal and diagonal images of original image, and compute its wavelet energy to take them as texture features of this image. Finally, the(More)
Platinum-incorporated TiO2 (Pt-TiO2) and silver-incorporated TiO2 (Ag-TiO2) coatings on sapphire tubes of a thin-film photoreactor were prepared using a photoreduction process. Results of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) revealed that the Ag-TiO2 coatings consisted of a mixture of Ag2O, Ag and TiO2 particles, owing to the(More)
We present a general method for converting colloidal nanomaterials into microbubbles as ultrasound contrast agents. Protein-caged nanomaterials, made either by self-assembled nanoparticles' protein corona or by fluorescent gold nanoclusters, can be rapidly transformed into microbubbles via a sonochemical route, which promote disulfide cross-linking of(More)
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