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Assessing the performance of audio and video compression technologies is generally considered a very controversial subject. This is particularly true of commercial audio and video codecs designed for the internet and webcasting. There are those who consider it a science but there are also some who say it is a black art. As the codec market grows, the stakes(More)
The advent of Internet multimedia has stimulated the development of several advanced audio and video compression technologies. Although most of these developments have taken place outside the EBU, many members are using these low bit-rate codecs extensively for their webcasting activities, either for downloading or live streaming. To this end, the EBU(More)
Lieven Vermaele VRT Broadband Television (BTV) 1 is a new emerging platform for distributing digital television channels to home consumers using a TV screen. This article focuses on BTV services which use the conventional telephone infrastructure (i.e. twisted-pair copper lines). These BTV services are often called ADSL TV or DSL TV. Other delivery(More)
This article is based on the work carried out by the former EBU Webcasting Group [1]. It provides an update on the extremely fast developments in the area of webcasting that have occurred since the publication of the Group's document, " BPN 022 – Practical Webcasting ". It also outlines some of the opportunities and challenges provided by webcasting and(More)
The roll-out of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in Europe is at an advanced stage – but is much slower than expected. This article attempts to analyze the principal economic, technological, regulatory and frequency management reasons for this slow progress. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the members of the World DAB Forum, which brings together the(More)
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