F. Keating

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Many acoustic features convey emotion similarly in speech and music. Researchers have established that acoustic features such as pitch height, tempo, and intensity carry important emotional information in both domains. In this investigation, we examined the emotional significance of melodic and rhythmic contrasts between successive syllables or tones in(More)
  • Charles P Davis, Woolworth Building, New York, Aloysius J Hogan, S J John, X Pyne +41 others
  • 2014
The School is located on the twenty-eighth floor of the Woolworth Building, in the center of the office district, in the vicinity of the Federal and State Courts, and within a few minutes' walk of the Brooklyn Bridge, the subways, all the Elevated lines, the New Jersey Ferries and the Hudson Tunnels. is open during every business day of the year.(More)
This paper explores the implementation of generic adult protection policies in mental health services, both in terms of conceptual issues about the nature and thresholds of abuse which are identified and/or tolerated within different settings, and in relation to existing structures for working on risk assessment, such as the Care Programme Approach and(More)
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