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We consider a digital business ecosystem environment where SMEs cooperate and compete. We aim to provide to each SME and the ecosystem with knowledge management mechanisms to support their needs for information, service findings and recommendations. We present the design and implementation of a platform that supports the knowledge management needs in this(More)
In a digital business ecosystem (DBE) information on the businesses and the services they provide may be described in terms of models and data which are used to se-mantically discover partners and services. The object management group (OMG) defines a four layered modelling architecture, the model driven architecture (MDA), which provides mechanisms for(More)
This paper presents a model supporting intelligent interactions of tourists with other tourists and locals and the tourism information of a particular Destination before, during and after the trip. The approach tries to bridge the " Community Gap " which is the lack of interactions among tourists and between tourists and locals at a particular Destination.(More)
In this paper we describe an architecture, a language and an interactive graphical editor for the semantic description of services in digital business ecosystem environments. For the semantic description of business services, a MOF metadata modelling approach has been adopted where a meta-model provides the modelling elements needed to build custom service(More)
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