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A quantitative analysis of glutamate in brain dialysate was made by using an enzymatic cycling technique. This method made it possible to measure the concentration of glutamate in dialysate collected at 30-s intervals. Dialysates were collected from Mongolian gerbil hippocampus before, during, and after two 90-s ischemic insults at an interval of 5 min. An(More)
Microfluorometry was used to investigate temperature dependence of hypoxia-induced intracellular calcium accumulation in gerbil hippocampal slice. When slices were superfused with hypoxic medium at 37 degrees C, 35 degrees C, 33 degrees C or 31 degrees C, latencies of acute increase of calcium accumulation, which was accompanied by a large negative shift of(More)
Microfluorometry was used to examine distribution of hypoxia-induced intracellular free calcium accumulations in Mongolian gerbil hippocampal slice. Acute increase of intracellular free calcium was detected 80-170 s after the beginning of hypoxia. Large calcium accumulations were seen in the stratum radiatum, stratum lacunosum and stratum oriens of CA1(More)
Microfluorometry was used to investigate distribution of hypoxia-induced release of glutamate. Mongolian gerbil hippocampal slice was perfused in a medium containing glutamate dehydrogenase and NAD+. Release of glutamate into extracellular space caused an increase in fluorescence due to the formation of NADH. The hypoxia-induced release of glutamate was(More)
We examined the effects of a xanthine derivative, propentofylline, on recovery of brain function following TCI in 23 adult mongrel dogs. TCI was produced by clamping ascending aorta with aortoatrial bypass formation. The dogs were divided into 3 groups: preischemic administration (0.3 mg.kg-1.min-1, 30 min), post-ischemic administration (0.5 mg.kg-1.min-1,(More)
The xanthine derivative propentofylline (HWA 285) has been reported to show protective effects against neuronal damage induced by cerebral ischemia. In the present study, we investigated the effect of propentofylline on the hypoxia-hypoglycemia-induced intracellular calcium accumulation in gerbil hippocampal slices using microfluorometry. When slices were(More)
Effects of pH and PaCO2 on cerebral as well as systemic hemodynamics and oxygen consumption were investigated during moderate hypothermia under 0.5% halothane anesthesia. Twenty-seven adult mongrel dogs were cooled to 28 degrees C (brain temperature) with a surface cooling method. They were divided into 3 groups, pH-stat (pH 7.35 n = 9), alpha-stat (pH 7.48(More)
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