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The present state of grating spectroscopy is reviewed with special emphasis on the far ir. The review includes the discussion of the properties of diffraction gratings, the intensity distribution among different orders of echelette gratings, Wood anomalies, ir and submillimeterwave filters, detectors, grating spectrometers with thermal sources, rules for(More)
Submillimeter wave gas lasers are characterized by low Fresnel numbers and by gain widths smaller than the mode separations. This allows interferometry of laser emissions and resonator modes with the aid of the laser resonator. The theory of Bergstein and Schachter on modes occurring in resonators with low Fresnel numbers is compared with the experimental(More)
Full reduction of guinea pig thyroglobulin with mercaptoethanol followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis reveals the presence besides the well known three polypeptide chains, of small amounts of iodopeptides with a molecular weight of 3 000 to 46 000 daltons. One of these peptides with a molecular weight of roughly 10 000 daltons has a much higher(More)
We present measurements of the spatial response of infrared dipole and bow-tie lithographic antennas. Focused 10.6-microm radiation was scanned in two dimensions across the receiving area of each antenna. Deconvolution of the beam profile allowed the spatial response to be measured. The in-plane width of the antenna's spatial response extends approximately(More)
The diameter of nailfold capillaries in conventional intravital microscopy is estimated by measuring th width of the erythrocyte-columns. We determined the diameter of the fluorescence-marked microscopy in 33 capillary loops in the nailfold of 12 subjects and compared it with that of the ec-columns. 400-500 mg FITC-albumin were injected into the brachial(More)
We have designed an electrophoretic system for the fractionation of individual, biologically active multimers of factor VIII. Human factor VIII, purified by gel filtration on Sepharose CL-2B from plasma cryoprecipitate, was submitted to electrophoresis without SDS on 2.0% polyacrylamide gels in 0.04 M Tris/0.06 M Tes buffer, pH 7.5. Staining with Coomassie(More)
We present measurements on the polarization response of Ni-NiO-Ni diodes coupled to asymmetric spiral antennas. Our data are for the wavelength dependence of the orientation of the major axis of the polarization ellipse over the wavelength range 10.2-10.7 mum. The data are well fit by a two-wire antenna model. We find that the modes excited on the antenna(More)
The complete Fourier analysis in space and time is performed for a three-dimensional model of thin-film thermal-imaging systems. The model includes heat losses by thermal radiation and by heat conduction within the film as well as into the adjacent medium. Dirac delta functions are used for the description of the specific heat and the thermal conductivity.(More)