F. König

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Heart valve disease (HVD) is a globally increasing problem and accounts for thousands of deaths yearly. Currently end-stage HVD can only be treated by total valve replacement, however with major drawbacks. To overcome the limitations of conventional substitutes, a new clinical approach based on cell colonization of artificially manufactured heart valves has(More)
Multiple efforts have been made to develop small-diameter tissue engineered vascular grafts using a great variety of bioreactor systems at different steps of processing. Nevertheless, there is still an extensive need for a compact all-in-one system providing multiple and simultaneous processing. The aim of this project was to develop a new device to fulfill(More)
The 'growth-associated protein', GAP-43 was originally considered to be a neuron-specific protein associated with plasticity. However, we have recently shown that GAP-43 is expressed by noradrenergic, but not by adrenergic chromaffin cells in the adult rat adrenal gland. In this study, we examine the expression of GAP-43 during embryonic and post-natal(More)
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