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OBJECTIVE To analyze the course of maternal diseases and the outcome of pregnancy in patients with systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). STUDY DESIGN During a period of 11 years we prospectively followed 60 pregnancies in 46 SLE patients in a tertiary care center in Barcelona (Spain). The management protocol included: (1) planning of conception when disease(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the status of iodine nutrition in children and adolescents in Almería, Spain. To calculate prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity (TA) and autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) in pediatric ages and to research into associated factors. METHODS Cross-sectional epidemiological study. By a multistage probability sampling 1387 children and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical and immunological characteristics of primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) in men from a large series of unselected patients with this condition. METHODS We studied 223 consecutive patients (204 women and 19 men; mean age at onset 53 y, range 15-87 y, mean disease duration 77 months) with primary SS visited in our units. All(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the clinical and immunologic characteristics of a large cohort of patients with primary Sjörgen's syndrome (SS) and to asses if the sex, the age at onset, the time of evolution and the immunologic pattern define different subsets with specific characteristics. PATIENTS AND METHODS We included 80 patients (76 female and 4 male) that(More)
Rupture of the pectoralis major muscle is relatively rare. The authors present two cases of chronic rupture in which direct suturing was not possible; reconstruction was possible using a bone-patellar tendon autograft. They conclude that this surgical technique may be useful in some cases of chronic ruptures of the pectoralis major muscle in which direct(More)
The purpose of this study was to find a common pattern of event-related potential (ERP) fluctuations regardless of the type of information (either semantic or syntactic) determining the presence of a reversed word order. ERPs were recorded while subjects read Spanish transitive sentences in which either semantic or syntactic information determined the(More)
We have studied the most representative functions of lymphocytes such as adherence to substrate, mobility directed to a chemoattractant gradient (chemotaxis), proliferative response to mitogens and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), as well as natural killer (NK) activity in peripheral blood cells from the turtle Mauremys caspica, and the(More)
The well-known amplitude reduction of the P300 appears to be unaffected by the treatment with classical antipsychotics in schizophrenia, whereas the effects of atypical neuroleptics on this event-related potential are less understood. The study of these changes could help in deciding whether the P300 amplitude reduction in schizophrenia is a trait or state(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence and correlation with clinical manifestations of the IgG and IgM isotypes of antibodies to cardiolipin (aCL), phosphatidic acid (aPA), phosphatidylinositol (aPI) and phosphatidylserine (aPS) in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS Clinical and laboratory features of 92 consecutive unselected(More)
The reptile immune system is strikingly affected by seasonal variations, which induce changes in the structure of the lymphoid organs and in the function of the leukocytes. The aim of this work is to study several functions of splenic leukocytes from the turtle Mauremys caspica along its seasonal cycle. The functions assayed were adherence to substrate,(More)