F Javier Jiménez

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Chemotactic factors known as chemokines play an important role in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS). Transgenic expression of TNFalpha in the central nervous system (CNS) leads to the(More)
During characterization of the osteocyte-like murine long bone osteocyte-Y4 (MLO-Y4) cell line, comparison was made with antigen-presenting cells of the immune system known as dendritic cells. It was(More)
Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) is associated with gadolinium-based magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast exposure in the setting of acute or chronic renal compromise. It has been proposed(More)
In a murine model of moderate childhood malnutrition we found that polynutrient deficiency led to a 4-5-fold increase in early visceralization of L. donovani (3 days post-infection) following(More)