F. Jauberteau

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82 Conclusions In this article, we have proposed a multilevel method which treats diierently the large and the small scales of homogeneous isotropic ows. Moreover, we have derived mathematical estimates for all the parameters (cut-oo level, time scales) involved in this dynamical procedure leading to a completely self-adaptive procedure. Firstly, several(More)
In turbulence simulations, the small scales of motion, even if they carry only a very small percentage of the whole kinetic energy, must be taken into account in order to accurately reproduce the statistical properties of the flows. This induces strong computational restrictions. In an attempt to understand and model the nonlinear interaction between the(More)
Recently, the -expansion and recursive renormalization group (RNG) theories as well as approximation inertial manifolds (AIM) have been exploited as means of systematically modeling subgrid scales in large-eddy simulations (LES). Although these theoretical approaches are rather complicated mathematically, their key approximations can be investigated using(More)
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