F. Jamali Dinan

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This paper presents an enhanced version of our previous algorithm for point-wise tracking and analysis of cardiac motion based on 3D active mesh model. In the present software, a new 3D active surface model based on curve evolution techniques and level sets is used for automatizing the segmentation of endocardial boundary in the left ventricle in the first(More)
A series of S-alkylated derivatives of 5-mercapto-2'-deoxyuridine have been prepared by alkylation of the preformed nucleoside. Two of these compounds, the S-propargyl and S-allyl derivatives, have shown significant antiviral activity against Herpes simplex type 1 in HeLa TK- cells but appear to be less effective in this assay system than some previously(More)
Almond butter is a delicious, upscale alternative to peanut butter and we love it. But its price has increased nearly threefold over the last two years while that of peanut butter has changed very little. Th e reason for this is surprising: almonds are much more dependent on honeybees for pollination than are peanuts. Th e California almond crop, by far the(More)
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