F J van Sprang

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The effect on the EEG of the reintroduction of phenylalanine in the diet of 6 patients with PKU on treatment was studied. Patients received daily loads of 100 or 150 mg L-phenylalanine/kg, equally divided over the meals, and computerized spectral EEG analysis was performed. The following EEG changes were seen: (1) occurrence of activity in the low frequency(More)
In 6 patients with PKU, being on a low phenylalanine diet, the effect of reintroduction of phenylalanine on the E.E.G. was studied. The children, therefore, received daily loads of 100 or 150 mg phenylalanine/Kg bodyweight, equally divided over the meals. Computerized spectral analysis of the E.E.G's was performed during and after the loading tests. This(More)
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