F J Theuerkauf

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In order to determine the feasibility, yield, and impact of routine total colonoscopy on the management of large-bowel cancer, 157 cancer patients underwent 175 colonoscopic procedures; 13.6 per cent of the cancers had been missed on double-contrast barium enema examination. Among 92 patients undergoing perioperative colonoscopy, the lesion was reached in(More)
Experience with 100 colonoscopies in 88 patients in a community hospital is presented. The instrument used was the F09000PL 165 cm ACMI colonoscope for the first 88 cases, and the F9A 160 cm ACMI colonoscope for the last 12. There were no complications. The preparation of the patient and the technique of colonoscopy and polypectomy are detailed. Indications(More)
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