F. J. Seibert

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OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to compare the capabilities of conventional radiography, CT, and MR imaging in revealing ligamentous and bony changes in patients after hyperflexion injuries. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty-nine patients with hyperflexion injuries of the foot were included in our study. Conventional radiography, weight-bearing radiography,(More)
METHODS Forty-five patients with a simple elbow dislocation were re-examined at an average time of 61 months after injury. All patients were treated by means of closed reduction. Only patients with minor associated injuries were included in the study. The Morrey score was used to evaluate pain, limitation of motion, instability, and daily activities. The(More)
The vascular anatomy in the acetabular region involves a certain risk of arterial and venous injuries complicating orthopaedic surgery. These complications have been grouped into four categories: lacerations, thrombosis, pseudoaneurysms and arteriovenous fistula. In a period of 5 years, three injuries of the external iliac artery and four lesions of the(More)
Since 1993, we have treated 30 patients with acute intra-articular distal radius fractures using arthroscopic assistance. Concomitant lesions of the intrinsic scapholunate (SL) ligaments were diagnosed in 12 patients (40%). Using the grading system of Geissler et al. [13], the identified lesions included a single grade I tear, three grade II, six grade III,(More)
We present the case of a 44-year-old female patient, who sustained an odontoid fracture after a minor trauma (uncomplicated fall). The radiologic evaluation revealed a skeletal tumor of the second cervical vertebra together with a fracture line at the base of the odontoid process of the axis. The patient underwent surgery, the tumor was resected and the(More)
Grundlagen: Durch die Entwicklung von Miniaturplatten und -schrauben wird die operative Versorgung von Frakturen der Metacarpalia und Phalangen zunehmend etabliert. Methodik: In einer Literaturübersicht werden neben den eigenen Erfahrungen Indikation und Behandlungskonzepte der operativen Frakturversorgung der Metacarpalia und Phalangen zusammengefaßt.(More)
The final result of the treatment of distal intra-articular radius fractures depends both on the accuracy of the fracture reduction and on the presence of additional carpal injuries. In particular, lesions of the intrinsic ligaments usually lead to severe degenerative damage of the wrist joint if they are missed primarily. With the introduction of wrist(More)
Fragestellung. Ziel dieser Untersuchung ist es, die Sonoanatomie des Schultergelenkes im Wachstumsalter zu erarbeiten. Methodik. An 20 gesunden Kindern im Durchschnittsalter von 6 Jahren (6 Wochen bis 19 Jahre) erfolgte die seitenvergleichende, dynamische Schultersonographie mit 12-MHz-Linearschallköpfen. Die Einstellung erfolgte in Standardschnitten mit(More)
he anatomy of the mortise of the Lisfranc joint between the medial and lateral cuneiforms was studied in detail, with particular reference to features which may predispose to injury. In 33 consecutive patients with Lisfranc injuries we measured, from conventional radiographs, the medial depth of the mortise (A), the lateral depth (B) and the length of the(More)
Seit der klinischen Einführung der Handgelenkarthroskopie 1993 an unserer Klinik wurden 30 Speichenbrüche unter arthroskopischer Sicht versorgt. Entsprechend der AO-Klassifikation handelte es sich um 3 B- und 27 C-Frakturen; entsprechend der Einteilung nach Frykman waren der Großteil Typ-VIII-Frakturen. In 23 von 30 distalen intraartikulären Brüchen(More)