F. J. Paoloni

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A complete system for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple cantilever sensors from different sensor arrays has been developed and tested for gas- and liquid-phase applications. The cantilever sensors are operated in static-deflection mode and the readout is achieved with phase-shifting interferometric microscopy (PSIM). In contrast to existing(More)
A reconstruction procedure for electrical conductance tomography developed by solving a linear Fredholm integral equation of the first kind is discussed. The integral equation is obtained from a linearized Poisson's equations. Properties of the integral equation are discussed, and problems associated with numerical solution of the equation are treated. The(More)
An error analysis on the Poisson-type linear reconstruction algorithms is performed. Three types of error are discussed and it is found that re-scaling error is dominant in most cases. It is also found that the commonly used small perturbation assumption in obtaining the Poisson's equation often fails but, due to the dominance of the re-scaling error, the(More)
The spatial distribution and intensity of electrostatic waves injected into a hot plasma may be inferred from the scattering of millimeter microwaves. We report measurements on the 30 degrees scattering of 8.6-mm microwaves by a 500-W, 2.45-GHz slow wave excited in a linear plasma by a phased array of two waveguides. From the magnitude of the scattered(More)
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