F. J. Lopez-Lopez

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The main aim of this study was to examine the relationship between language skills (vocabulary knowledge and phonological awareness), nonverbal cognitive processes (attention, memory and executive functions) and reading comprehension in deaf children. Participants were thirty prelingually deaf children (10.7 ± 1.6 years old; 18 boys, 12 girls), who were(More)
The identification problem considered in this work, consists in compute an Interpreted Petri Net (IPN) model, in proportion as new output signals of the system are observed. The identification problem becomes complex when the complete state of the system cannot be fully measured. The state information that is not observed is inferred during the(More)
A normalization of the Delano y, ŷ diagram is proposed in which the y heights are normalized by the entrance pupil height, the ŷ heights by the image height. The normalization constants are expressed in terms of the system parameters, and it is seen that the reduced distances become normalized by the focal length of the system, the marginal ray reduced(More)
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