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  • F J Kottke
  • Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • 1980
All motor activity is based on inherent reflexes and on modification of those reflexes by higher centers. The reflex patterns are developed as the result of the neuronal connections and remain consistent rather than showing variability. It is only the extent of spread of excitation through the entire distribution of the reflex pathway that changes with(More)
The training of coordination is generally considered a volitional activity, during which, by trial and perception of results, an individual selects the muscular activity resulting in the desired performance. This concept of volitionally directed complex coordination of multiple muscles with speed, skill, and strength does not stand the test of thorough(More)
Dermatomyositis, an inflammatory disease of unknown etiology, causes diffuse symmetrical weakness and atrophy, muscular pain and tenderness, induration of muscles, and the tendency to develop contractures. The disease may follow a prolonged course which can best be managed with steroids and regulation of physical activity if there is an objective criterion(More)