F. J. Garcia

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Objectives: To describe the optimal therapeutic strategy for use of methotrexate in RA patients over the initial dose, route of administration, dose increase and decrease, patient monitoring, and use of folic/folinic acid. Materials and methods: Eleven clinical experts proposed some questions to be solved. A systematic literature search was conducted. The(More)
Of 167 patients with abdominal hydatidosis, 29 showed a total of 36 hydatid cysts in which ultrasound demonstrated an overall echogenic appearance. The following ultrasound characteristics of an abdominal mass suggest the diagnosis of hydatid cyst: round or oval shape, well-defined borders, partial wall calcification, peripheral cystic structures, internal(More)
A total of 522 Streptococcus suis isolates were recovered from the tonsils of slaughtered pigs by culturing on media containing different specific antisera. The serogroup reactions were determined by coagglutination. The most frequently isolated serotype was serotype 4 (representing 28.7% of the isolates), followed by serotype 3 (24.9%) and serotype 2(More)
The levels of glycogen and lactate in liver, intestine, yolk sac membrane and leg and breast muscle of domestic fowl from day 10 of "in ovo" development to day 5 after hatching compared with adults have been measured and compared with the circulating concentrations in blood of glucose and lactate. Glycogen stores in most tissues increased before hatching to(More)
2,979 sera were collected from slaughtered swine in two geographic areas of Spain from 1987 to 1989. They were tested for antibodies against an H1N1- and H3N2-influenza virus by haemagglutination-inhibition tests (HI). The percentage of positive sera was higher in area I (78%-69.2%) than in area II (63.1%-60.4%) for both viruses respectively. The(More)
A method for quantitative estimation of glycerol and total carbohydrate in biological samples is described. The samples, deproteinized with cold acetone or trichloroacetic acid, were treated in the cold with 10 vols. of 0.75% (w/w) anthrone in 84% (w/w) sulphuric acid, and then heated 10 min at 100 degrees C. Absorbance at 590 nm was used for evaluation of(More)
BACKGROUND To describe the features of vertebral osteomyelitis (VO) in our area, and to compare pyogenic VO (PVO) and non-pyogenic VO (NPVO). METHODS Retrospective study of patients with VO diagnosed in our hospital between january 1992 and december 1998. RESULTS We identify 40 patients with VO: 17 (42.5%) with tuberculous VO, 12 (30%) with PVO, 10(More)
1. In the fertile chicken egg the albumen had higher carbohydrate concentration than the yolk with the highest concentration in the vicinity of the vitelline and shell membranes. 2. The mean half-life of glucose in the albumen was 18 hr during the first day of incubation. 3. Vitelline membrane was found to be freely permeable to glucose both from albumen to(More)