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Oncologic management in the mandibular area leaves important osseous defects, that require reconstructive procedures with vascularized osseous tissues. Mandibular reconstructions with free vascularized fibular flaps have well-defined indications and some advantages over various other types of vascularized osseous grafts, because the fibular graft permits(More)
Au-Cu mineralization at Palai-Islica occurs as disseminations in massive silicified volcanic rocks and, more abundantly, in sulphide-bearing quartz veins. The major ore minerals in the deposit are pyrite ± chalcopyrite, sphalerite and galena and there is a great variety of accessory minerals, including Au-Ag alloys and native gold. Pyrite, the most abundant(More)
Whooping cough is an immune preventable disease that can be life threatening. Despite infant immunization starting at 2 month of age, there are many cases and outbreaks in our country and also around the world, with a high risk of mortality specially in infants under 6 month of age. It has been proposed that antenatal vaccination with acellular pertussis(More)
This paper presents an off-line time domain output error identification algorithm for linear continuous-time systems with time delay from sampled data. The proposed method use a NonLinear Programming algorithm and needs an initialization step that is also proposed from a modification of the Yang algorithms. Simulations, as illustrated by Monte-Carlo runs,(More)
This chapter presents a novel wireless data acquisition system. The system has been designed to take advantage of inexpensive robotics systems like Lego NXT, which establishes a new paradigm in the wireless ad-hoc networks field. The system architecture can record data from different variables in greenhouse environments. These wireless systems employ(More)
A model-free controller is designed for a nanopositioning platform with three degrees of freedom. The system is specially difficult to control because of the coupling between the different movements and the hysteresis present in the piezoelectric actuators. The authors propose a control design methodology based on the so called ultra-local system(More)
In this paper, a method for designing a supervised internal multi-model controller (SIMMC) is proposed. The structure is well-adapted for regulating non-linear plants for which some operating modes can be represented. A multimodeling method making possible to represent the operating modes is proposed. The supervision of the operating mode is carried out(More)
At the beginning of the decade of the nineties, Import Substitution Industrialization ISIpolicies were dismantled all over Latin America, including Colombia. This meant that tariff protection for locally porduced products were lowered and that cheap imports increased. For the motor vehicle sector it also meant that it had to modernize and improve its(More)
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