F. I. Proimina

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Ovulation, gametogenesis and maturation of rat follicular oocytes were examined in vitro under the effect of single and repeated injections of LH-RF. It was shown that LH-RF injection led to incomplete ovulation and to alteration of the heterogeneity of the gametes as regards the degree of maturation and the number of the degenerating forms. At the same(More)
An enhancement of stress reactivity of the hypophysial-adrenocortical system in response to emotional and physical influence was shown in rats with a low threshold of sensitivity to electrical current. This phenomenon was observed as a rise in the maximum level of blood corticosterone and acceleration of stressor hormonal response. In the high-threshold(More)
I.m. administration of estradiol benzoat in physiological doses decreased 3-fold the lutropin secretion and follitropin secretion by one third, in ovariectomised rats. The same dose in intact rats decreases the lutropin level in the blood and gonadoliberin contents in the medial eminence by the negative feedback mechanism. In 4-6 hrs after injection the(More)
In female rats with normal estrous cycle, in the proestrus phase, a significant decrease of the serotonine level was revealed in the anterior and medio-basal parts of the hypothalamus which coincided with ascent of the releasing factor for gonadotropic hormones in the hypothalamus and for gonadotropins in the hypophysis. The dophamine level in the(More)
The concentration of the estradiol and progesterone receptors in cytosol increased within a week after ovariectomy in rats, the nucleic concentration of receptors sharply diminishing. The uterus atrophy following ovariectomy in associated with a reduction of both nucleic and cytosol receptors in the organ. Administration of estradiol (1 mg) restored the(More)
Adrenergic innervation of the rat uterus is connected chiefly with vessel innervation. The highest density of fibers and the highest intensity of specific fluorescence is shown in the stage of dioestrus, the least those--in oestrus. These indices correlated with the estradiol and progesterone level in the plasma.
Radioimmunoassays were used to determine the LH, FSH, estradiol and progesterone content in the female rat blood in the morning (10-12 a. m.) and in the evening (5-6 p. m.). An identical circadian rhythm of the secretion of the above hormones with an increase in the level of estradiol in the morning and that of gonadotropin and progesterone in the evening(More)
1. In intact rats with a regular estrous cycle, in all stages of the cycle the circadian rhythm of secretion of gonadotropic and sex hormones is the same and is characterized by a maximum content of estradiol in the blood in the morning and of gonadotropins and progesterone in the evening. 2. In the normal ovulatory cycle, the circadian rhythms of secretion(More)