F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi

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In this paper, from among multi-criteria models in making complex decisions and multiple attribute models for the most preferable choice, technique for order preference by similarity ideal solution (TOPSIS) approach has been dealt with. In some cases, determining precisely the exact value of the attributes is difficult and that, as a result of this, their(More)
One of the topics of interests in data envelopment analysis (DEA) is sensitivity and stability analysis of specific decision making unit (DMU), which is under evaluation. In DEA efficient DMUs are of primary importance as they define the efficient frontier. In this paper, we develop a new sensitivity analysis approach for the CCR, BCC and additive models,(More)
Finding the appropriate weight for each criterion is one of the main points in Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) problems. Shannon’s entropy method is one of the various methods for finding weights discussed in the literature. However, in many real life problems, the data for the decision making processes cannot be measured precisely and there may be(More)
There are somemethods for solving Multiple Criteria Decision-Making problems, of which one is the TOPSIS method. When data is nondeterministic like interval data, the method must be modified to show the correct result. In this research we present a new TOPSIS method for rankingDMUswith interval data yielding the interval score for each alternative, and in(More)
Efficiency evaluation in Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) depends on different factors. The most important factors arc the values of input and output. In this paper, we present an alternative proof that, if one component of output or input vectors of a DMU dominates the corresponding component of other DMUs whatever the value of other components of this DMU(More)