F. Hoppensteadt

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M athematicians are sometimes known in high school biology classes for their tendency to faint during dissections and their ability to cook experiments to fit straight lines. In spite of these impressions, mathematicians and biologists, including medical scientists , have a long history of working successfully together. Sophisticated mathematical results(More)
Approximately one-third of the world's population that is at risk to malaria lives in India. Plasmodium falciparum, a deadly form of malaria, accounts for about 50% percent of the cases there. Since 1940s India has used a number of programmes to combat the disease with variable success. Since 1998 the total numbers of malaria cases, and in particular P.(More)
Hodgkin and Huxley (HH) discovered that voltages control ionic currents in nerve membranes. This led them to describe electrical activity in a neuronal membrane patch in terms of an electronic circuit whose characteristics were determined using empirical data. Due to the complexity of this model, a variety of heuristics, including relaxation oscillator(More)
Periodic activity generated by the Predator-Prey model. Predator-prey models are argubly the building blocks of the bio-and ecosystems as biomasses are grown out of their resource masses. Species compete, evolve and disperse simply for the purpose of seeking resources to sustain their struggle for their very existence. Depending on their specific settings(More)
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