F. Hermann Rudenberg

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The combined effect upon cerebral blood flow (CBF) of an elevation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure (CSFP) and changes in respiratory CO2 was studied in nine baboons under chloralose anesthesia. The animals were mildly hyperventilated and provided with increasing amounts of CO2 in O2-air. Arterial CO2 tensions (PaCO2) increased from 17 to 58 mm Hg. Internal(More)
This device permits an in situ mechanical calibration of differential pressure transducers when the differential pressures do not exceed about 5% of ambient pressure. A gastight 3-way valve is attached to the schnorkel tube of the transducer by means of metal tubing. A precision micrometer syringe is attached to the valve. The valve is closed to the ambient(More)
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