F H Ricard

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1. Individual growth curves of 7143 chickens selected for the form of the growth curve were fitted using the Laird form of the Gompertz function, BW4=BW0xe(L/K)(1-e-Kt) where BWt is the body weight at age t, BW0 the estimated hatching weight, L the initial specific growth rate and K the maturation rate. 2. Line and sex effects were significant for each(More)
1. Histochemical (fibre type distribution and areas) and biochemical (myosin isoforms) characteristics of three muscles, M. anterior latissimus dorsi, M. pectoralis major and M. sartorius, were compared among male chickens of two lines at 11 and 55 weeks of age. 2. The lines were derived from a divergent selection based on growth rate. Cockerels from the(More)
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