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Hypothetical axionlike particles with a two-photon interaction would be produced in the sun by the Primakoff process. In a laboratory magnetic field ("axion helioscope"), they would be transformed into x-rays with energies of a few keV. Using a decommissioned Large Hadron Collider test magnet, the CERN Axion Solar Telescope ran for about 6 months during(More)
The annihilation channels pp!! 0 , !, ! 0 were studied with the Crystal Barrel detector at LEAR at p-momenta of 600, 1200, and 1940 MeV=c. In most cases angular distributions were measured which allowed a complete J P-analysis using the helicity formalism. The contribution of all relevant initial states could be determined. The maximal contributing angular(More)
First measurements of the Collins and Sivers asymmetries of charged hadrons produced in deep-inelastic scattering of muons on a transversely polarized 6LiD target are presented. The data were taken in 2002 with the COMPASS spectrometer using the muon beam of the CERN SPS at 160 GeV/c. The Collins asymmetry turns out to be compatible with zero, as does the(More)
The COMPASS experiment at the CERN SPS has studied the diffractive dissociation of negative pions into the π- π- π+ final state using a 190  GeV/c pion beam hitting a lead target. A partial wave analysis has been performed on a sample of 420,000 events taken at values of the squared 4-momentum transfer t' between 0.1 and 1  GeV2/c2. The well-known(More)
This Technical Design Report is dedicated to Tom Ypsilantis. Tom conceived the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors for particle identification in LHCb and he made an inestimable contribution to the LHCb RICH project. Tom would have wished to see these detectors in operation. He was totally dedicated to the project. He will be missed by the RICH group for his(More)
We have searched for solar axions or similar particles that couple to two photons by using the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST) setup with improved conditions in all detectors. From the absence of excess X-rays when the magnet was pointing to the Sun, we set an upper limit on the axion-photon coupling of gaγ < 8.8×10−11GeV at 95% CL for ma ∼< 0.02 eV. This(More)
The design, construction and operation of a Compton back-scattering laser polarimeter at the HERA storage ring at DESY are described. The device measures the longitudinal polarization of the electron beam between the spin rotators at the HERMES experiment with a fractional systematic uncertainty of 1.6%. A measurement of the beam polarization to an absolute(More)
  • Barrel CollaborationA . Abele, B . Adomeit, +69 authors Bing-song Zou
  • 2007
Antiproton-proton annihilation into 0 has been studied with the Crystal Barrel spectrometer at CERN at an incident beam momentum of 1.94 GeV/c. The data were taken with a trigger requiring neutral nal states. A new isovector state, the a2(1660) decaying to 0 , is observed. In the invariant mass region around 2.1 GeV=c 2 , strong production of a heavy(More)
Using 567  pb^{-1} of data collected with the BESIII detector at a center-of-mass energy of sqrt[s]=4.599  GeV, near the Λ_{c}^{+}Λ[over ¯]_{c}^{-} threshold, we study the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decays Λ_{c}^{+}→pπ^{+}π^{-} and Λ_{c}^{+}→pK^{+}K^{-}. By normalizing with respect to the Cabibbo-favored decay Λ_{c}^{+}→pK^{-}π^{+}, we obtain ratios of(More)