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1. ABS~CT Tradition image retrieval methods use primq fea~, such as coIour, shape and tetie, in indetig and retrieval. However, Mteratia and our e~eriment show that no one feature can perform consistently over a variety of imagw. Some aspects of the images have not been eqloited. We propose a-feature using geometrid @don) transform for the stiarity(More)
A Mobile Wireless Sensor Network consisting of a large amount of tiny sensors with low-power can be an effective tool for gathering data in a variety of environments. The data collected by each sensor is transmitted to a single processing center that uses all data to determine characteristics of the environment. Sensors deployed in all kinds of areas on a(More)
This article focuses on the object-oriented software process. It compares three most popular software processes: RUP (Rational Unified Process), OPEN (Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation), and OOSP (Object-oriented software process); then it carries out an Enhanced RUP based on the advantages of OPEN and OOSP. By setting up a simple model, it(More)
It is difficult for security experts to generate polymorphic signatures by using traditional string mining and matching techniques. A semantic-aware method is presented to generate a kind of two-level signature that includes both polymorphic semantics and string patterns. It first analyzes the characteristics of polymorphic engines and categorizes the data(More)
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