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UNLABELLED Hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is initiated by reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulated during the early reperfusion phase after ischemia, but cellular mechanisms controlling ROS production and scavenging have not been fully understood. In this study, we show that blocking Notch signal by knockout of the transcription factor RBP-J or(More)
UNLABELLED Macrophages play multidimensional roles in hepatic fibrosis, but their control has not been fully understood. The Notch pathway mediated by recombination signal binding protein Jκ (RBP-J), the transcription factor transactivated by signals from four mammalian Notch receptors, is implicated in macrophage activation and plasticity. In this study,(More)
microRNA (miR)-142-3p is implicated in malignancy and has been identified as a biomarker for aggressive and recurrent lung adenocarcinomas. This study aimed to evaluate the inhibitory effect of miR-142-3p on apoptosis and inflammation induced by bleomycin in MLE-12 cells. MLE-12 cells were first transfected either with miR-142-3p mimic or miR-142-3p(More)
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