F. Gritzali

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We estimate the absorbed dose to the bladder walls, Db, due to [99mTc]pertechnetate direct radionuclide cystography, with due consideration to the dynamic nature of the examination. Our analytical method resulted in Db values expressed as functions of the bladder filling time. These values are compared with published data based on a static bladder model. It(More)
A method for the detection of the P and T waves, as well as the identification of their onset and offset boundaries in an ECG, is described in this paper. This method is based on a recently proposed "length" transformation, which exhibits some very interesting characteristics and can be utilized for one-channel or multichannel waveforms. The utilization of(More)
The parameters of 51Cr labelled red cell survival curves were calculated in 33 patients with homozygous β-thalassaemia, 8 with sickle-cell anaemia and 3 with s-β-thalassaemia, using a non-linear weighted least squares analysis computer program. In thalassaemic children the calculated parameters denote that the shortening of the mean cell life is due to(More)
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