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Results regarding the anticonvulsant potency of bromide have been questioned, and the mechanisms of its action are unclear. Using combined rat hippocampus-entorhinal cortex slices we analyzed the effects of NaBr on four types of epileptiform discharges in two different models of epilepsy, the low-Ca2+ and the low-Mg2+ model. NaBr concentration-dependently(More)
Sixty-four patients with acute scrotal pain were examined by radionuclide scrotal scanning. We compared clinical, surgical and radionuclide findings. The scrotal scanning is a rapid, non invasive and painless examination with high accuracy in inflammatory disease. But two falsely negative scans in acute testicular torsion warn against this simple method.(More)
Fifty-four patients complaining of acute painful scrotal swelling were submitted to urgent radionuclide scrotal imaging. Clinical and surgical findings were compared with the results of radionuclide studies. Radionuclear scrotal imaging is an easy rapid none invasive investigation with high accuracy in inflammatory disease of the scrotal content. Two(More)
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