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Survivals of two series of CLL patients (99 from a retrospective series and 196 from a prospective series) were studied separately. The three main staging systems (Rai, Binet, Rundles) agreed well, but as far as survival is concerned, too many stages are defined. The authors performed a Cox multivariate analysis of survival in order to isolate important(More)
A retrospective study was planned in the Hérault (Mediterranean) region of France where bladder cancer mortality and incidence rates are high. In the present paper, variations in bladder cancer risk according to various smoking-related variables, in particular time of exposure and type of tobacco, are examined. This case-control study with 219 male incident(More)
A meta-analysis of 10 randomized trials comparing steroid therapy with placebo or abstention was performed. Trials were pooled for severity of acute alcoholic hepatitis and time of analysis. Papers with survival analyses at one and three months were included. The robustness of this meta-analysis was analysed after exclusion of trials analysing survival at(More)
This paper describes an automatic procedure for morphosemantic analysis and translation of compound medical terms. This analysis is of interest for the automatic indexation of medical discharge reports and summaries. Since words with the suffix -osis may have many different semantic interpretations, such -osis forms are taken as examples for a general(More)
After a brief description of the main domains of application of medical informatics, a typology of questions to be assessed, and of the involved actors, is presented. Dimensions of technology assessment include techniques, medical and health efficacy, economics, sociology, and law and ethics. Barriers to evaluation are analysed. They include barriers(More)
Lactitol (beta-galactosido-sorbitol) has been recently compared with lactulose for the treatment of chronic hepatic encephalopathy in a few studies, each comprising a small number of patients. The results are controversial. We studied the efficiency and tolerance of both compounds by using a meta-analysis on the basis of published controlled trials. Our(More)
OBJECTIVES To introduce term and concept of infoethics and to argue on its importance for health information systems. METHODS To argue about our viewpoint of the dominance of the human component, which has been discussed at an IMIA working conference held in Helsinki, Finland (February 1998) devoted to the evaluation of health information systems. (More)
In the Hérault region of France, vineyards cover an area of 128,000 hectares (60% of agricultural land) and involve more than 93% of farms. A vine-growing exposure matrix was built for assessing pesticide exposure. It is based on information obtained from a survey among 85 vine-growers who lived in Hérault and who had detailed account books. This paper(More)