F. Gozzo

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The Materials Science beamline at the Swiss Light Source has been operational since 2001. In late 2010, the original wiggler source was replaced with a novel insertion device, which allows unprecedented access to high photon energies from an undulator installed in a medium-energy storage ring. In order to best exploit the increased brilliance of this new(More)
The issue of beam-induced damage on diffractive hard X-ray optics is addressed. For this purpose a systematic study on the radiation damage induced by a high-power X-ray beam is carried out in both ambient and inert atmospheres. Diffraction gratings fabricated by three different techniques are considered: electroplated Au gratings both with and without the(More)
PURPOSE StereoElectroEncephaloGraphy (SEEG) is done to identify the epileptogenic zone of the brain using several multi-lead electrodes whose positions in the brain are pre-operatively defined. Intracranial hemorrhages due to disruption of blood vessels can cause major complications of this procedure ([Formula: see text]1%). In order to increase the(More)
The MYTHEN single-photon-counting silicon microstrip detector has been developed at the Swiss Light Source for time-resolved powder diffraction experiments. An upgraded version of the detector has been installed at the SLS powder diffraction station allowing the acquisition of diffraction patterns over 120 degrees in 2theta in fractions of seconds. Thanks(More)
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