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The 19S proteasome regulatory particle plays a critical role in cellular proteolysis. However, recent reports have demonstrated that 19S proteins play a nonproteolytic role in nucleotide excision repair and transcription elongation. We show by chromatin immunoprecipitation assays that proteins comprising the 19S complex are recruited to the GAL1-10 promoter(More)
Recent studies from a number of laboratories have revealed a surprising number of connections between RNA polymerase II transcription and the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway. We now find yet another intersection of these pathways by showing that the 26S proteasome associates with regions of the GAL1, GAL10, and HSP82 genes, including the 3' ends, in a(More)
Castor canadensis specimens were imported from Canada and released in the wilderness on the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego (TDF) in the year 1946. First studies on the development of the beaver population and subsequent environmental changes were conducted four decades later and indicated a strong expansion of these animals, with negative effects on(More)
MicroRNAs control the differentiation and function of B cells, which are considered key elements in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, a common micro(mi)RNA signature has not emerged since published data includes patients of variable ethnic background, type of disease, and organ involvement, as well as heterogeneous cell(More)
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Gal4 protein is a paradigmatic transcriptional activator containing a C-terminal acidic activation domain (AD) of 34 amino acids. A mutation that results in the truncation of about two-thirds of the Gal4AD (gal4D) results in a crippled protein with only 3% the activity of the wild-type activator. We show here that although the(More)
We argue that during the crystallization of common and civil law in the 19 century, the optimal degree of discretion in judicial rulemaking, albeit influenced by the comparative advantages of both legislative and judicial rulemaking, was mainly determined by the antimarket biases of the judiciary. The different degrees of judicial discretion adopted in both(More)
Improvement of processes in metallurgical industry is a constant of competitive enterprises, however, changes made in a process are risky and involves high cost and time, considering this, a model can be made even using inputs usually not presented in real process and its analysis could be useful for the improvement of the process. In this work, a(More)
Few studies have investigated the role of raptors as natural reservoirs of Chlamydiaceae spp. and the preferred anatomical sites where these bacteria can be detected in non-symptomatic wild birds. We investigated the occurrence of Chlamydiaceae in 54 non-symptomatic adult free-living birds belonging to 14 species sampled upon reception in a raptor(More)